Our Passion

A desire to help and support companies and individuals

More than ever, the future feels uncertain. At Eppione, we’re passionate about supporting businesses, employees, and individuals to improve and maintain their overall wellbeing.

Our dedicated team of experts specialise in a number of fields: from technology to HR; and from personal financing to insurance. Through our expert guidance and proprietary software, we’re supporting people across the globe to improve their physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

We have several years’ experience of advising businesses in creating bespoke employee benefits packages that meet the needs of their workforces – working closely with employees to understand their personal needs and preferences, and helping to make the most of the benefits available to them.

Eppione’s comprehensive HR software has an integrated employee benefits platform, enhancing visibility into benefits usage within your organisation. This allows you to continuously monitor which benefits are being used, and which could be replaced with more valuable policies for your workforce.

Uncertain. Throughout 2020, we saw the world of work change  beyond recognition – presenting new challenges, responsibilities and risks for employers to navigate.

We are full of interesting creative ideas!

As we enter 2021, no one knows what the future will hold and what new challenges we’ll need to overcome. But with the right employee benefits and business protection strategies in place, you can take important steps to protect both your employees and your business against the unexpected.

In fact, getting your benefits and insurance policies right could prove critical. If you demonstrate that your business cares for your employees, their futures, and their health, you could benefit hugely from increased productivity, reduced stress, and enhanced engagement, loyalty and attendance. However, if you fail to put the right business protection provisions in place, you could open yourself up to a whole host of legal and financial risks.

But creating an effective, tailored strategy isn’t a straightforward exercise. What constitutes the right strategy for your unique organisation and workforce will depend on a wide range of variables. As a result, it can often be difficult to know whether you’re offering the right benefits for your employees, how cost effective they are, and whether your business is truly protected against key risks.

The location of your business can also add an extra layer of complexity: every country is different, with varying statutory obligations, options, and cultural priorities. If you’re going to make the most of your employee benefits and business protection plans, it’s important you understand these nuances for each country you’re operating in.

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