State of the art HRIS and Employee Benefit technology

We understand technology and the value it can bring

Engaging employees, having access to inciteful data and empowering your employees has never been more important and all three of these can be achieved through the Eppione Technology Solution.

Having built our own HRIS with a full integrated benefits platform and data analytics tool we understand the value that technology can bring to us and our clients.

As a client of Eppione Ltd you will receive access to our technology solutions provided by our sister company Eppione Solutions Ltd at a reduced rate.

Our technology includes tools to help you with the day to day management of employee information.  Keeping track of key task completions.  Give employees the power to self service in the palm of their hand being able to update data, book leave, complete timesheets and make important benefit selections all on the native mobile app. Show the employee how much you value them with an imbedded real time total reward statement.

Check out the full details on our sister website or peak to your consultant about the possibilities that this technology can bring,

Look after your employee further.

With data reporting on employee wellbeing being the norm since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic our stand alone screening tool can help business of any type to manage return to workplace protocols.

A self configurable questionnaire can allow you to create your own question sets to deal with anything from pandemic to wellbeing in one simple to use and secure location.

Simply login each morning to see who is fit to work and manage your resources accordingly. Send questionnaires to visitors so they understand what is expected of them and ensure you have a record for insurance purposes.

Make sure you protect yourself, your business and your employees.

Health Care Compare (exclusive to Ireland) is a comparison site for you to obtain information on all of the health care products in Ireland and ensure that you have or buy a plan that suits your particular needs. The first and only comparison tool of its kind in the Irish Market you can be sure that you will find the most suitable plan to meet your budget and needs when you speak to one of our advisers after receiving your quote.

If you want to know more about how our technology solutions can help you visit our bespoke websites for each of our stand alone products, or or leave some details below and we will be in touch.