Eppione Welcomes Kindlon Insurances Ltd

Eppione is delighted to bring Kindlon Insurances Ltd, its clients and employees into the Eppione Group and under the Eppione Brand.  Kindlon Insurances created by Ney Kindlon with support from his son David have worked closely with Eppione since its creation and with David being the CEO of Eppione the natural progression for Kindlon to expand was to become part of the Eppione Group.

Ney Kindlon who founded Kindlon Insurance Services in 1993 is taking a step back but will continue as an adviser to the board says “As I take a step back from day to day business in order to enjoy retirement, I’m delighted that my son David and his business partners Neil and Ernest are able to continue the ethos of Kindlon Insurances Ltd that I created and provide additional value to our clients.  The fact that the employees will also be transferring across means that our clients will continue to receive the high level of first class service and advice the were given with me at the helm.  I’ll be keeping a close eye on the progress of Eppione under the guidance of my son David and am excited for the future of Eppione”.

Under Eppione, you will continue to deal with the same team you had previously and will now benefit from the developments made by the Eppione team in advance HR and Benefits technology as well as further workplace and insurance technology solutions using the screenin.me and hcc.ie brands.  Eppione is taking a step forward if product design and development with technology at the core which gives it a unique and exciting future in the insurance and benefit marketplace.

Eppione officially welcomes the Kindlon team and clients from 10th June and we look forward to being of service to you.