Our Approach

Everyone that works for Eppione has a passion for helping people and we bring that passion to work every day.

We specialise in designing and building benefit strategies, brands, programmes and communications for companies on any budget.  From Pensions to discount clubs and everything in between we have got you covered.

We offer consulting services that deliver extra value for those looking to go the extra mile and understand their workforce or position in the market in which they operate..

We have access to all providers for insured benefits, as an independent adviser and a full range of providers for non-insured benefits as a benefit specialist.  We also have a number of key partners who offer something special to our clients.

We simplify the program delivery focusing on four key stages

  • Understand – Your requirements, budgets and fees
  • Project Planning & Research – including design and financing
  • Vendor Selection, Proposal and Placement
  • Communication, Delivery and ongoing management

Global Benefit Solutions

Our service is not restricted to one country

We have a team of people dedicated to understanding Global Benefit Solutions and we are one of the few advisers in the UK to offer access to a global network of recognised brokers in more than 100 countries.

Our knowledge expands to captive, self insured and pooling solutions enabling us to bring enormous value to our global clients with cost optimisation and financing options that are normally only available for those working with the most expensive consultancies.

With our custom built HR and Employee benefit platform we can deliver state of the art administration and communication tools to your benefit program helping you engage, recruit and retain your best talent whilst at the same time streamlining your own administration goals giving you access to immediate actionable data on employee selections.

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